65km Buff epic trail.

The week after my 100 mile race past quickly, again wrapping myself up in work didn't allow me to think about it. I felt I recovered fairly well and quickly due to my job im on my feet all day up and down stairs didn't give the muscle much of a chance to relax really.... Continue Reading →

Training for the 100 miler.

Before I dive straight into the race, its been a while since I updated my blog, so what have I been doing the past 6 weeks? Answer: not a lot, hence why I've not blogged. I've been working more hours than normal due to some dynamic changes happening in my business and training when I... Continue Reading →

Running the “Hot” Fox Ultra.

Saturday 21st 2018 April seen me take on my 4th Ultra this year as part of my one ultra a month challenge. I had not trained as much as I would have liked to for this, my "balancing" ( training and everyday life) is just a joke really, training is always secondary for me and... Continue Reading →

Who am I, what do I do?

So here I am, in the worst rock pose ever, this was taken on my latest event last weekend at the Spartan OCR. I love a challenge, who doesn't right? I think challenges makes life interesting, makes a person stronger, whether is teaching yourself to knit or running a 100 mile mountain ultra, the end... Continue Reading →

The Blog Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! So I have decided to start a blog, the first thing I need to say is I have not got a clue what a blog is, I know as much about blogging as I do about quantum physic, so I will be learning on the job so to speak, my first... Continue Reading →

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