Training for the 100 miler.

Before I dive straight into the race, its been a while since I updated my blog, so what have I been doing the past 6 weeks? Answer: not a lot, hence why I’ve not blogged. I’ve been working more hours than normal due to some dynamic changes happening in my business and training when I can, managing an average of 30-40 tarmac miles a week, I’ve cut back on the luxuries like beer beer and more beer and swapped it for beet it Nitrate shots with bromelain and turmeric pills.

Two weeks before the race I ramped up my training with a view of pulling a 100 mile week, I had done one before but it was a while ago but I knew it needed to be done if I were to complete this race. My thoughts in this were that my legs need to feel what 100 miles are like over the week so I set out on the Monday night positively and every night until the weekend and achieved the 100 miles but running a very hungover 22 miles on the Sunday.

I had been feeling niggles in my shins but ignored it as it wasn’t show stopping niggles, on the Monday the niggles were there when I walked and continued to be there when I was sitting down driving and for the rest of the week…. How could I have been so stupid as to make the school boy error of increasing training by too much to soon. So out came the compression socks, ice packs and deep cold ( not sure if that’s what it’s called but its the opposite from deep heat), and rest.

The niggles subsided slowly as my work load increased, maybe it was all just a mental thing, giving it too much thought made it worse maybe? Who knows, I didn’t go to the quacks or get an X-ray so I’ll never know. The increase of work load also meant that I didn’t have a chance to think about the race which for me is a good thing, I only end up faffing around if I have time to think about it. So Thursday night and done my kit check then threw it all into a bag. Friday morning a couple of hours in the office followed by supporting my number one fans at their school sports day and then “hit the road Jack”.

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