Who am I, what do I do?

So here I am, in the worst rock pose ever, this was taken on my latest event last weekend at the Spartan OCR.


I love a challenge, who doesn’t right? I think challenges makes life interesting, makes a person stronger, whether is teaching yourself to knit or running a 100 mile mountain ultra, the end goal is the same, that wonderful feeling of achievement, having set your mind to doing something that you thought once wasn’t possible to proving it wrong. I took up knitting once, when I was young, must have been 8 or 9 maybe, I was terrible at it. Made a scarf that looked like it had been eating by moth balls, so I gave it up plus knitting was not a cool thing to do as 8/9-year-old school boy, turning up to football with your mates wearing the ragged scarf you knitted..

I have always been a “non stop” kinda person, needing to be active. I’m not a sun lounger on the beach type of person, I’d rather be in the sea with my kids or digging death trap holes and building Burj Al Arab sand castles in the sand. Last year, and every year,

So back to the running, the bigger the challenge the more im going to be stupid enough to say yes. This year I have signed up so far for 19 races,- an ultra a month, Spartan Trifecta series, and a few extreme mountain races, I say so far because I don’t have an Ultra booked yet for December, im still looking for that one or waiting to see if my legs can still stand by then.

This years challenges:


I started running ultra’s in 2016, I had run a few half and full marathons before. I’d decided to make the leap and attempt an ultra distance as I wasnt content with a marathon distance, I wanted to push myself further and see what I was capable of. So I signed up for my first ultra, the Malvern Hills 52 mile race, then the Classic quarter 44 mile, RTTS 100km, WRU 30, and I’ve continued from there, not happy sometimes with just the distance of the ultra I have taken to the mountains at times, running in Snowdonia and the Nevis range, Last year I completed the epic UTMB CCC, the story of that is a whole book, let alone blog on its own. I did record most of it which can be watched here: UTMB CCC if your interested and whilst you wait for ever for my book. Ultra running for me is a sport I love, it helps me to appreciate life more, if your out running for 7- 24 hours you have a lot of time to think about things, some things you think about are stupid but its the important things you think about that you remember.

So over the course of my blogs I hope to be able to share with you some of the races I take on, and the highs and lows of ultra and extreme Running.

Thanks for reading.

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